Teresa Goody founded The Goody Group and Goody Counsel to tailor services to both entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as to larger companies—advising on a range of corporate matters, to include both market and nonmarket issues.   We provide practical counsel on corporate structure and overall governance matters, including drafting policies and procedures, reviewing contracts, negotiating on clients' behalf, and general business strategy.  The firms also provide more services to larger companies, with particular specialization in the financial services industry, on regulatory issues, corporate governance, compliance, cyber security, public policy, and governmental affairs.  The Goody Group  has a collaboration of senior advisors on evolving legal frameworks, focusing on cyber security, operational strategy, big data and current technology trends, logistics, and financial analysis.

In the quest to fulfill entrepreneurial dreams, leaders face a litany of naysayers and doubters.  At the Goody firms, we are committed to finding possibilities and affirmations that meet business objectives while protecting the integrity of your business.  We believe our role is to continually guide the way to your success through and beyond the obstacles and challenges you face in growing your enterprise.

Whether your business is in crisis, seeking a new venture, or simply looking for new ideas, the Goody firms develop innovative and effective strategies to achieve your goals.  Unlike a business consulting firm or a law firm, we combine business-know-how with legal and regulatory expertise to provide sophisticated counsel that takes into consideration the internal and external market and nonmarket forces of your enterprise.  We provide more than yes/no answers--instead, we learn and understand your goals, help refine those goals, and discover practical paths to accomplish those goals.  

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