Barbara Jauregui, MD MSc 
Senior Healthcare Advisor & Expert in Evidence-Based Decisions

Barbara Jauregui, MD MSc is an Argentine physician with postgraduate studies in Clinical Effectiveness and Healthcare Quality Improvement. Dr. Jauregui has fourteen years of international experience in public health in both government and non-profit organizations, public health program development and implementation, and clinical and operational research. She worked over 6 years as Technical Officer of the Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization, providing assistance to Ministries of Health for making evidence-based decisions. Dr. Jauregui has been devoting her last 3 years to pioneering strategies and approaches to help patients make smarter health and healthcare decisions.

Throughout her public health and research career, Dr. Jauregui co-led and participated in the development of multiple successful grant proposals, including a $40 million Cooperative Agreement with CDC and over $12 million in grants. While at PAHO/WHO, she was responsible for the operational implementation of the ProVac initiative at PAHO/WHO, overseeing a multidisciplinary team of over 50 international consultants and contractors, and providing technical assistance to Ministries of Health from over 25 countries in the generation of economic analysis and other evidence on immunization, and leading five PAHO/WHO regional workshops with over 100 participants from 20 countries each.

Dr. Jauregui is currently an international consultant for several international health organizations, including PAHO, the WHO headquarters in Geneva, and the Sabin Vaccine Institute. Additionally, in collaboration with a team from the Harvard School of Public Health Center for Health Decision Science (CHDS), Dr. Jauregui develops training curriculums and other materials to empower patients to make smarter health decisions.

As a member of the PAHO Ethics for Research Review Committee (PAHOERC), Dr. Jauregui regularly reviews proposals on research with human subject for ethical concerns and scientific merit. She has published 15 scientific articles in renowned peer-reviewed journals, and a book chapter.